Studio Protecno S.r.l. can rely on a huge experience about the design of processing plants, transport, distribution and use of electricity in MT and B.T. for these sectors:
  • Residential
  • Tertiary
  • Industrial
  • Hospital
  • Sports equipments
  • Systems of lightning protection
  • Public Lighting

In every project, special attention is paid to problems particularly felt as light pollution according to regional laws in force, and compliance with the required light levels according to UNI EN 12464/1. These are solved with the help of technical software suitable and with the choice of materials and tools among the most technologically advanced, which allow the generation of three-dimensional simulations and rendering photos. That's why our technicians take care to perform specific lighting calculations for buildings, to ensure regulatory compliance as well as a pleasant lighting and visual comfort.
A further objective of the Studio Protecno is the energy saving lamp pursued with the use of high efficiency, the adoption of systems management automation for residential units and the service sector and the use of systems of supervision and remote management for industrial environments hospitals and more.
Studio Protecno pays particular attention to the safety of the plant and to the staff who use them. For this reason, in accordance with CEI 81-10, checks are made about the protection of atmospheric discharges, with the eventual design of water collection points outside (lightning protection system) and systems-voltage limitation induced by the incoming lines in buildings (Speed Protection Device). Last but not least Studio Protecno can ensure, through specific software, the design and simulation of photovoltaic systems for productivity and customer support as well as for all the bureaucratic process in order to pursue the incentives provided by the energy account.

The staff of Studio Protecno is able to perform measurements and tests on electrical installations; making in particular:
  • Measures of land with Volt- Amperometric method.
  • Measurements of earth with impedance method of loop breakdown
  • Measures of continuity of equipotential.
  • Tests on circuit breakers.
  • Measurement of the harmonic currents.
  • Insulation tests.
  • Measurements and Calculations lighting.

Studio Protecno offers a wide experience in the design of special systems:
  • Sound system;
  • Sound system of emergency (EVAC);
  • Anti – intrusion;
  • Closed-circuit television;
  • Call systems;
  • Smoke detection, fire detection, gas detection;
  • Structured cabling copper or structured cabling fiber optic;
  • Supervision and telemanagement.

The skills range across all areas: residential applications, within which these plants are built according to the logic of modern home automation, implementation of business and commercial complex in which functionality and comfort are ensured by the chosen systems tailored to each situation; industrial and hospital sectors where reliability and safety are the conditions that each system should ensure. The study aims customer satisfaction, performing a design targeted to the real needs of the client, using advanced materials. The staff of Studio Protecno is the ideal link between the final user's needs and the offers of the market, thanks to a continuous contact with leading companies in the industry. The designers are constantly updated on a technical level (attending specialized classes) and on the regulatory through a scrupulous observance of the evolution of the industry.