Next to the customer

The main purpose of Studio Protecno S.r.l. is to develop customized solutions on a  technical specification, drawn up together with the customer. The philosophy adopted to achieve this goal is to work "next " to the customer from the initial stages of the project.
Before starting with the design of an innovative project, Studio Protecno considers it necessary to first locate the customer with the system solutions best suited to the individual case (solar, geothermal, photovoltaic, etc. . ) And then perform a thorough cost / benefit analysis. The implementation of an intervention of this type often involves a significant financial investment , whose cost is to be assessed against the achievable energy savings and payback time.
It is extremely important to calculate the payback time of an investment , meaning  the number of years required to recover the capital invested. So the designers of Protecno predispose "systems" in key energy-saving assessed and agreed with the customer. The regulations apply to plant design are constantly evolving and require the players in this market , being they customers or suppliers, a constant and timely updating of their software and their solutions to remain competitive towards an increasingly fierce competition.
The customers, with its need of evolution to keep pace with new technologies, has to be at the center of interest. The supplier must provide products, services and professional for a quick achievement of the targets. 
In this scenario , Studio Protecno Srl , thanks to its thirty years of experience in this sector, has the ambition to present itself as a global supplier, being able  of taking  care, within a committed design. of  the mechanical , electrical, fire and  acoustic aspects  and completing the work with the Construction Supervision and Safety in Construction.


Our Story

Our company was founded in 1980 from the experience of our managers in several decades at a leading company in the field of plant engineering. We are a consulting company and we take care of the management of large high-tech systems through services globally or partially activated, relating to the various areas of intervention listed here below. Our common interlocutors are Public Institutions, Construction Companies, Building Design that should study or design, manage and execute plants of various types. We gained the trust of domestic and international clients thanks to our expertise and professionalism. The technologically-advanced tools and the ideology of service that we pursue, makes our firm a guarantee for users and operators who claim solutions highly specialized, but perfectly respectful of regulations overall the characteristics of the project.