The advice of calculation and design offered by Studio Protecno, complying with all regulatory burdens such as L. 10/91 and subsequent amendments, DPR 412/93, Legislative Decree no. 192/05, Legislative Decree no. 311/06, Presidential Decree 59/ 09, Legislative Decree no. 28/2011 on energy saving, as well as the legislation on Public Works, are as follows:
  • Consultations on the heat insulation of buildings;
  • Water systems (radiant floor, wall or ceiling, 2 or 4 pipe fan coils, radiators, thermal activation of the mass).
  • Air systems (all-air outside, all-air mixed, with air handling units and thermoelectric refrigeration or with a roof -top).
  • Systems mixed with water and air (fan coil system or radiant system with integrated primary air, chilled bolsters).
  • Direct expansion systems (multi-split system and variable refrigerant volume systems).

The new EU Directives in the field of safety and health in the workplace, have enhanced the importance of the ideal "conditions of environmental well-being" and compliance with the "minimum standards of comfort " to be respected, according to the different uses of environments.
Among the various environmental requirements to control of fundamental importance is the air conditioning.

The air conditioning is the control of four basic conditions that are carried out in an environment:
  • the temperature.
  • the relative humidity.
  • air filtration.
  • the introduction of appropriate rates of outdoor air.

The success of any air conditioning system , large or small it may be, is to maintain control of these variables. The purpose for which it is built an air conditioning system is to create the ideal temperature and humidity conditions required for a certain working environment or the ideal conditions of well-being for the occupants of a certain space. The strength of the division thermodynamics andmechanics of Studio Protecno , as for all the otheractivities of the Study, is to provide highly qualified professional services (each sector of activity is only done by technicians with the exact specialization) and at the same time coordinated and integrated with all other disciplines interfering.

This synergistic complex of professional activities allows our customers to minimize the resources committed to the coordination of the various interdisciplinary activities, achieving greater efficiency and savings. Studio Protecno puts its experience at the service in this area, thanks to skilled technical designers who are able to make optimal choices by combining functional solutions, the cost of the first plant and those of the management. Studio Protecno performs calculations , projects with metric calculations and specifications , verification and testing of various types of systems .
The design services offered are aimed at any type of environment: the residential, commercial and industrial premises ( shops), large shopping centers (supermarkets), hotels, medical offices, medical centers, beauty salons, bars, hairdressers, reception halls, restaurants, homes and more.

Studio Protecno is also equipped to:
  • any form of testing and scheduling of maintenance on these systems .
  • Air velocity measurements in the environment, in the nozzle , and the channel for all measurements related to the microclimate.