Technical rules of fire prevention for commercial activities.

In the Official Gazette n. 281 of 03.12.18 the D.M. of 23.11.2018 on Technical standards of fire prevention for commercial activities, 
where there is a sale and exhibition of goods, with gross area of ​​more than 400 square meters, which can be applied as an alternative
to the D.M. of 07/27/2010: this is an RTV combined with the Code.
The main news that we synthetically report are:
1: more than 5000 square meters of gross area of ​​the entire activity, the evacuators are used according to the UNI standard (with barriers, air entrances, etc.).
2: EVAC is mandatory over 5,000 square meters and in other less frequent cases.
3: up to 1500 square meters with a single-storey building, the manual alarm is usually sufficient without automatic detection.
4: there are requirements for refrigerant gases for air conditioning (direct expansion) and for power refrigeration